DriftWatch: Communication + Cooperation + Collaboration
DriftWatch: Communication + Cooperation + Collaboration

Are you looking for a way to communicate with pesticide applicators to let them know you are a certified organic producer??? You are not alone.  Aerial applicators are also looking for information on sensitive sites in the area they will be working.  Did you know there is an existing program that does just that???

There is a communication vehicle available to Saskatchewan producers of specialty crops and bee keepers to identity their crops to applicators to help the producer protect their crop and investment and allow the applicator to better plan their activities in your area.   That program is FieldWatch (www.fieldwatch.com).

FieldWatch promotes communication between producers of specialty crops and beekeepers with pesticide applicators.  DriftWatch (for organic and specialty crop producers) and BeeCheck (for beekeepers and apiaries) are the two elements of program FieldWatch (for pesticide applicators).

DriftWatch is a web-based mapping tool that promotes communication between producers and applicators and supports ongoing environmental stewardship activities such as pollinator protection.

The DriftWatch Specialty Crop Site Registry (through www.fieldwatch.com) enables producers and pesticide applicators to work together to protect specialty crops through mapping and information sharing.  This program can facilitate the direct communication between the applicator and the producer.

The website features an easy-to-use Google Maps interface that clearly shows pesticide applicators the locations of registered sensitive areas. A sensitive area is one that may include certified organic crops and pastures, beehives, fruit and vegetable crops, and greenhouses, as well as a few other crops. The applicator can use this information to help plan their operations and activities in your area.

The initial version of FieldWatch was launched in 2012. Saskatchewan joined the program in 2014. Today there are nearly 1,000 sites registered in the province, of which 200 are organic/sensitive sites and approximately 800 are beekeepers. Participation in the program is increasing.  Participation and registration in these programs is free of charge for both applicators and producers, and it takes about five minutes to register. For an easy how-to video tutorial on how to register click here.

When an applicator registers with the program, they can designate a specific area of operation and will begin receiving notification of sites in their area. Notifications are sent to applicators constantly as new sites are added.  As soon as it is registered with the program, a notification is sent.

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture supports the use of FieldWatch, as it contains elements of specialty and organic crops and aids in pollinator protection.  The Ministry of Agriculture encourages you to visit the website www.fieldwatch.com  and register with the program.

If you have any additional questions or need help regarding FieldWatch, please contact the following persons at the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture for assistance:

Richard Wilkins at 306-787-5207 or richard.wilkins@gov.sk.ca

Dunling Wang at 306-798-0945 or dunling.wang@gov.sk.ca

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