Glyphosate Contamination Survey
Glyphosate Contamination Survey

SaskOrganics, in partnership with the Canada Organic Trade Association, is conducting a survey to better understand the economic impact glyphosate contamination has on the organic sector in Saskatchewan.  It is important to understand and evaluate the contamination caused by unintended contact with glyphosate in organic production in order to mitigate the risks that are creating trade barriers for Canadian organic exporters and preserve the globally held positive perception of the Canada organic brand.

This survey will help us better understand the extent, and economic impact, of glyphosate contamination in Saskatchewan from the perspective of the organic producer, organic exporter, organic importer and organic manufacturer.  This is the first time this information has been gathered.  The results, in aggregate form, will support our advocacy work with provincial and federal governments.

The survey will take up to 20 minutes to complete.  Please don’t be put off by the total number of questions in the survey! You will only be responding to the sub-set of questions relating to your business.

The first 5 survey respondents will receive a SaskOrganics ball cap and there will be a draw from all participants for a free farm pass (2 people) to attend Advancing Organics at the Delta Hotel in Regina (26/27 March 2020).  

The Survey will close on Friday August 30th.

Please share the survey with folks you know in the province who may have been impacted.  This will help us capture as much information as possible.


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