Organic Check-Off
Organic Check-Off

SaskOrganics is a farmer led membership non-profit organization that serves all certified organic entities throughout the value chain in Saskatchewan.

We keep the sector informed about what is happening in the organic sector in Saskatchewan and beyond with our e-newsletter, Abundance (our quarterly magazine) and our website.

We extend the latest organic research through our webinars, field days, workshops and Advancing Organics Conference and Tradeshow.

We champion organics by advocating for your interests, promoting ‘Organically Grown in Saskatchewan’ at events and tradeshows in Canada and abroad, and educating consumers on the benefits of organic food and farming.

We encourage business development by making you aware of the research, resources and services available to you through workshops and field days to name a few.

We participate in the maintenance of Canada’s national organic standard (Canada Organic Regime).

To learn more about SaskOrganics and our contribution to the growth and development of the organic sector you can find our Annual Reports here.

Why an Organic Check-Off?

Although organic food sales in Canada have reached over $9 billion/year and the prices offered at the farm gate are strong, growth in both producer numbers and in primary organic production is not keeping up with growing demand.  Provincial industry associations play an important role in developing the organic sector.  Having a more solid financial foundation will help SaskOrganics strengthen and grow the programming we have developed and our advocacy efforts to help grow the number of producers and acres to meet the growing market.

Funds collected through the organic check-off will go to furthering areas of organic research, technical assistance to organic farmers, expansion of markets and trade and advocacy. Check-off funds will also provide SaskOrganics with the baseline funding it needs to run a small office and to provide the matching funds which are necessary to obtain government grants.

The Organic Check Off levy is $0.50 per MT and is deducted from your settlement by the grain buyer.


The Organic Check Off levy is refundable to the producer once a year.  To learn more about the refund process, and to download the form, click the link below:

2024 Refund Form (Deadline to Apply for a Refund March 31, 2025)

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