SaskOrganics Member Drought Impact Survey
SaskOrganics Member Drought Impact Survey

6 August, 2021

Dear Organic Supporter,

The growing conditions this season have been challenging to say the least. The Saskatchewan Crop Report indicates that most crops in the province are damaged due to the high heat, wind and lack of moisture. This is creating a lot of uncertainty about what yields might be at harvest or if there will be a crop to harvest at all.

SaskOrganics participates in Crops Industry calls convened by the Hon. David Marit, Saskatchewan Minister of Agriculture.  The impact of weather conditions on farming operations in the province has been the focus of the most recent calls. The information provided by industry informs the support that needs to be put in place for producers.

To best represent the views of organic producers in the province we thought it was important to go directly to our members to better understand the impact the weather conditions are having on your operation. This will ensure that we can best represent the needs of the sector in our advocacy work with the province.

The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete.  We thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the survey ensuring your views are respresented.  Please note all responses are anonymous.  

We have set up four different surveys for each producer category of our membership. Please fill out the survey(s) that applies to your operation.


Thank you for your participation!

Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Resources
Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) has put together a series of videos to help producers understand the Crop Insurance and AgriStability options available in drought conditions.

Crop Insurance Features:

  • Double Low Yield Appraisal: For 2021, SCIC is doubling the Low Yield Appraisal threshold values for customers who salvage their cereal or pulse crops as feed.
  • Low Yield Appraisal Examples: Low Yield Appraisal example scenarios, using barley acres, in calculating the claim for harvested bushels and partial acres diverted to feed
  • Low Yield Appraisal CalculationFollow this step-by-step video to learn how a Crop Insurance Low Yield Appraisal is calculated.
  • Expediated Claims: We never tell a producer what they need to do with their crop. SCIC has flexible processes in place to work with producers.
  • Checkstrips: SCIC may request a checkstrip or exclosure be left on crops put to an alternate use, such as baling, grazing or silage.
  • Fall Seeded Crops: August 25 is the deadline to request Winterkill insurance on you winter wheat and fall rye. September 30 is the last day to seed your fall crops.

AgriStability Program and Livestock Price Insurance Details:

  • Eligible Expenses: In most cases the additional expense a producer incurs to acquire additional feed for their livestock is considered allowable for AgriStability.
  • Livestock Coverage: Producers facing water or pasture shortages, and who have an active feeder or calf price insurance policy, can sell cattle outside of the normal settlement window.
If you have questions about your insurance coverage
call 1-888-935-000 or visit

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