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Recordings of Past Workshops:

    Flash Drive – $25 + Shipping & Handling
    This recording is of a full-day workshop from 2016 and includes the following topics:
    Orgranomics 101 – A Orgranomics 101 – B
    These sessions talk about the different agronomic issues facing organic producers
    Reflections from Producers
    Two organic producers from eastern Saskatchewan, speak of their experiences in organic production with descriptions which are detailed and philosophical.
    Organic Certification
    A Director from SaskOrganics (Saskatchewan’s provincial organic organization), provides an overview of the benefits, challenges, and requirements of transitioning into organic production with emphasis on field crop (grains) production.
    Business Case for Organics
    An organic consultant and inspector, Stewart McMillan, provides a strong financial case for why organic production compared to conventional production, leads to better net returns for the producer.
    Production – March 2016


    DVD – $20 + Shipping & Handling
    Flash Drive – $25 + Shipping & Handling
    This recording is of a half-day workshop in 2016 with the following sessions:
    Phoma Macrostoma – Dr. Russell Hynes, AAFC Dr. Russell Hynes, a researcher from the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, discusses Phoma Macrostoma, a biological being developed for broad-leaved weed control.
    Perennial Weed Control – Keith Bamford, University of Manitoba.
    Keith Bamford from the Uof MB shares his insights into perennial weed control, touching on cultural weed control including timely tillage, competitive cropping, and cover crops.
    Perennial Weeds Management – Farmers’ Perspectives
    Five Saskatchewan farmers (Marc Loiselle, Brad Boot, Terry Driedger, Robert Galarneau, Colin Tanner) discuss their methods of controlling perennial weeds, particularly Canada thistle, with methods ranging from tillage, soil amendments, and in-crop weed cutting.


    Flash Drive – $25 + Shipping & Handling
    This recording is of a half-day workshop at Agribition 2016 with the following sessions: Management Intensive Techniques for Successful Organic Production
    Sessions A & B Dr. Martin Entz, University of Manitoba.
    A researcher and professor at the University of Manitoba, Martin Entz challenges participants to think more comprehensively about organic productions – including areas requiring particular focus.
    Cover Crop – Producer Perspective – Joe Wecker Joe Wecker, transitioning organic production from Sedley SK, speaks about his principles in doing cover-cropping


SaskOrganics Ball Cap                               Personalized Farm Sign

$25 + Shipping & Handling                                                                  Contact SaskOrganics for details on Pricing

One size fits all                                                                                        Highway Quality Reflective Surface

Organic cotton, beige in color                                                              Permanent Aluminum Backing                                                                                                                                                             4 ft wide x 2 ft high                                                                                                                                                                                 Can be customized with farm logo



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