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A Systems Approach to Organic Agricultural Production Webinar

July 14, 2023 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am


“Agriculture is going through a profound revolution, one that rivals the industrial revolution of the 19th century and the green revolution in the 20th century. These previous changes transformed industries based primarily on local resources and principally served local markets to more complex systems using high levels of technology. These have evolved to become more fossil fuel intensive, less efficient in output per unit energy input, and more global in their markets. Some people define current agricultural changes only in terms of specific technologies, such as transgenic crops and site-specific input use determined by GPS spatial methods. Yet, there is a more profound change taking place mostly at the grass roots – a recognition that the resilience and sustainability of ecology and natural systems have much to teach modern agriculture. Organic farming systems are one manifestation of this newawareness.” Charles Francis, Professor, University of Nebraska.

According to the Canadian General Standards, “Organic production is a holistic system designed to optimize the productivity and fitness of diverse communities within the agro-ecosystem, including soil organisms, plants, livestock and people. The principal goal of organic production is to develop operations that are sustainable and harmonious with the environment.”

This live webinar will be provide a summary of the materials presented in the soon to be released ‘A systems approach to organic agricultural production” resource by Martin Entz, PhD, Department of Plant Science, University of Manitoba, and the holistic thinking that both Charles Francis and the Canadian General Standards are referring to. The chapters of the document challenge readers to critically evaluate their farm resources; map their farming operation in order to better visualize the farm as a system including the many connections; and strengthen their adaptive learning capacity. Additional chapters include motivations and processes for transition, and crop-livestock integration as a tool for sustainable production. Information on specific production practices complement the systems thinking .

This free webinar will be a teaser for a series of supplemental recordings on the chapters of the resource, that will be released later this summer.


**Register by 8:30am CST July 14th**

The webinar will be recorded so if you can’t make the live event, all registrants will receive a copy of the recording.

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