The organic inspector (verification officer)

The organic inspector (a third party, trained professional) is contracted by your certification body to conduct the organic inspection.

The inspection

  • verifies information on the application documents
  • reviews production and sales records
  • information gathering — to get a complete picture of the operation.
  • evaluation of crops condition
  • fertility management program
  • pest and weed management strategies
  • record keeping system
  • the producers’ understanding and commitment to organic standards and overall compliance with the Standards.
  • Verifies maps and crop plans
  • Tours fields: condition of crops, soil tilth, weeds, pests, biodiversity, conservation, crop rotation, adjoining land use, buffer strips
  • Inspects buildings and equipment: type and condition, pest and weed control, co-mingling potential
  • Reviews water source, tests on file, if applicable
  • Reviews and assesses audit trail records
  • Completes Certification Agency paperwork
  • Looks for any and all potential sources of contamination
  • Verifies that any certification requirements from the previous year have been met
  • Asks a lot of questions!!!

Following the inspection, the organic inspector (verification officer) writes a report based on all information gathered. They may need to get additional information from you or other sources (such as a pest control service, if used).

The organic inspector (verification officer) does not make the certification decision.

The inspection report, the questionnaire and all associated paperwork are sent to the certification body for the final decision.

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