SaskOrganics’ Reports

2023-Grasshopper Survey Report

Grasshoppers have been having a significant impact on organic production in the province, especially in the southern part of the province. Grasshopper control is an agronomic challenge for organic producers because there are very few grasshopper control options approved for use in organic production.To better understand the extent of the grasshopper problem in organic production, SaskOrganics surveyed its members between June 30 and July 16, 2023.

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2023-Canada Organic Standards Survey Report & Committee Outcomes

In May and June 2023, SaskOrganics conducted a survey for organic producers, processors, grain buyers, approved input companies, and other industry stakeholders in Saskatchewan asking for their input on the standards and to share their requests for modifications to the Canadian Organic Standards review 2025 process.  The SaskOrganics Organic Integrity Committee used the survey results to inform their process for preparing Requests for Modifications to the General principles and management standards and the Permitted Substances Lists for submission to the Organic Federation of Canada (OFC).

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2021-Drought Impact on Organic Farms in Saskatchewan

In August 2021, SaskOrganics conducted a survey with our members to better understand the impact the drought was having on their operation and to better understand how the drought may impact their agronomic decisions for 2022. The survey was open for two weeks and had seventy responses from organic grain farmers in the province. A summary of the results are outlined in this this report.

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2019-Economic Impact of Glyphosate Contamination on Organic Production in Saskatchewan Report

In the fall of 2019, SaskOrganics in partnership with the Canada Organic Trade Association (COTA) conducted a survey to better understand the economic impacts glyphosate has on the organic sector in Saskatchewan. A summary of the results was presented at the COTA Organic Summit in November of 2019.

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2018/19-Saskatchewan Organic Production Research Priorities Report

SaskOrganics surveyed its members to learn basic information about organic producers in Saskatchewan and their research needs in order to enhance their organic production. The Saskatchewan Provincial Organic Agriculture Research Priorities Report describes the most pressing research needs from organic producers’ perspective and makes recommendations regarding the future research focus in organic production.

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2017-Saskatchewan Organic Production Research Priorities Report

In the fall of 2016, SaskOrganics conducted a survey to determine the research priorities of organic farmers in Saskatchewan for organic production. This report summarizes the results of the survey. The survey focused on research priorities in field crop production from the perspective of organic producers, in particular, the needs and challenges they faced in daily farming practices.

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