Saskatchewan continues to be a key producer of Organic products and has the second largest number of organic operations in Canada (behind QB and tied with ON). Nationally, SK is home to 19% crop producers, 6% of processors, 4% of livestock operations, and 16% of total operations. The number of crop producers has been increasing steadily, reaching 915 in 2017. The number of processors has also increased, reaching 105 in 2017. Livestock operations have been stable since tracking began. The total number of organic operations reached 1,015 in 2017.

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This Market Intelligence report reviews the organic market opportunities available in North America. Over the past decade, the Saskatchewan organic industry has grown significantly. Saskatchewan is home to the largest operations in the prairies. In 2016, Saskatchewan had 839 crop producers, 32 livestock operators, 89 processors and a total of 912 certified organic operations. Saskatchewan has over one million acres of organic land. Growth is attributed to the pasture and forage category (51 per cent), field crops (48 per cent) and Fruit and vegetables (1 per cent). The Canadian organic industry continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing. This report concludes Saskatchewan opportunities are seen in organic oil seeds, organic cereals, and organic pulses for a variety of uses, such as human consumption, animal feed, and industrial uses in the United States.

Read the full report here:

Overview of Organic Food Opportunities in the United States and Canada

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